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We are happy to announce that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has recognized Kilroy Realty as an ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year for the fourth year in a row. This award recognizes that, through our partnership with the ENERGY STAR program, we have improved the energy performance of our buildings, saved money for our tenants, and helped protect the environment for future generations. More info available at:


But we do not want to stop there, and we need your help. We want YOUR suggestions on how to make your building, which has already earned the ENERGY STAR, more energy efficient. Some examples are powersave modes on computers and monitors, better use of blinds, clearing window vents, and unplugging cellphones when fully charged. If you have an idea about how to green your building, we want to hear about it and help implement it. Go to the Contact Us page to email the building management team with your ideas!

Art in the Common Areas

Be sure to check out the latest additions to the art collection at 100 First Street! The new pieces are located on the second floor of the building. Information about the artwork can be found here.